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About our language program

Interested in learning Italian or improving your current languages skills? If you are, you have come to the right place.

For over 30 years, the Italian language program of the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington has been the ideal place to learn Italian in the Seattle area. Our classes are small, curriculum is rigorous and yet entertaining, high-tech classrooms are hosted by Seattle University and our teachers are qualified native Italian speakers.

And our Italian classes carry the quality seal of the Società Dante Alighieri, the oldest institution in Italy and abroad for the teaching and promotion of Italian language and culture.

Check out our FAQ page for more information and learn about our instructors.

Class Schedules

Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:00pm - 8:30pm. Occasionally different schedules are offered to accommodate staffing and enrollment needs. Be sure to check the offerings list below for current offerings.

2019 - 2020 School Year

Quarter Dates Registration Deadline* Notes
Fall 2019 October 1 - Dec 10 September 29
Thanksgiving - No classes 11/28
Winter 2020 January 7 - March 12 December 20
Spring 2020 March 31 - June 4
March 20

*If you have missed the deadline send an e-mail to the Program Director to be added in a class. Registering by the deadline helps ensure that the class will meet enrollment requirements and be held.

Class offerings

Level Description
Beginning - Level A1
Level A1 is for people with no or little knowledge of Italian. Students will be introduced to the basic phonetic, grammatical and lexical structures through conversation and simple dialogues. During the three-quarter course, students will be engaged in a variety of fun activities and begin their journey of learning Italian.
Elementary - Level A2 Continuation of the beginning class or for people who have already studied some Italian. Students will finish exploring the essential grammar structures while learning appropriate and relevant words and expressions. At the end students should be able to use the basic structures of the language with confidence and will be able to communicate well in daily situations.
Intermediate - Level B1 Students will be reviewing and reinforcing their knowledge of the language in addition to expanding their vocabulary and ability to understand written and spoken Italian. Students will be exposed to cultural and literary readings and will develop a greater understanding of Italian culture, lifestyle and way of thinking.
Upper Intermediate -
Level B2
Completes the review and reinforcement of the grammar covered in the beginning and elementary levels in addition to covering any other missing structures. The course will help students to understand articles from newspaper and the web, song lyrics, literary excerpts, videos, and excerpts from films and commercials. At the end, students will be able to engage effectively in a conversation, express opinions and give simple explanations.
Advanced Conversation -
Level B1 and above
A multi-level conversational course open to students who have completed level B1 and recommended for those with a level proficiency above B2. Course will advance your fluency, listening and conversational skills, expand vocabulary and improve your grammar.

Class Registration

To register online, click the appropriate registration button below.

To register by mail, complete the registration form and mail it along with a check made payable to D.A.S. Italian Language Program

REFUNDS: Tuition fee is 100% refundable within the first two weeks of the quarter.

Winter 2019
& Location
Beginning -
Level A1

(Tues & Thurs)
Sec. A:Laura Ciroi, Room ADM 220
Sec. B: Damiano Pinton,
Room ADM 222
Beginning Italian (A1)
Oggi in Italia. 8th edition. Merlonghi, Merlonghi, Tursi, O’Connor
ISBN 978-0618678129 ISBN-10:0618678123 © 2007
Elementary - Level A2
(Tues & Thurs)
Francesca Giambartolomei, Room ADM 207
Elementary Italian (A2)
Oggi in Italia. 8th edition. Merlonghi, Merlonghi, Tursi, O’Connor
ISBN 978-0618678129 ISBN-10:0618678123 © 2007
Intermediate - Level B1
(Tues & Thurs)
Roberta Punzi,
Room ADM 204

Intermediate Italian (B1)
Da Capo. 6th edition Annamaria Moneti, Graziana Lazzarino
ISBN-10: 1413016405 ISBN-13: 9781413016406 © 2007
Upper Intermediate - Level B2
(Tues & Thurs)
Room ADM
Upper Intermediate Italian (B2)
Da Capo. 6th edition Annamaria Moneti, Graziana Lazzarino
ISBN-10: 1413016405 ISBN-13: 9781413016406 © 2007
Advanced Conversation - Level B1 and above
(Tues & Thurs)
Valentina Robles,
Room ADM 202

Advanced Conversation
(B1 and above)
Capire l'Italia e l'italiano, 2nd edition
Lia Buono Hodgart - Guerra edizioni.
ISBN: 978-88-557-0273-7

*Current Dante Alighieri Society of Washington Members receive a $20 discount. Membership registration is available here.

Location of our Classes

All classes are held on the Seattle University campus in the Administration Building. However, the Dante Alighieri Society - Italian Language Program is a self-sustaining autonomous program independent of Seattle University. The Administration Building is located on campus at the intersection of Broadway and E Madison on Capitol Hill.